"I just like to make things and I haven't had a profound thought in 30 years."  PM













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I am no longer taking orders.


I will, however, continue my annual production of 30+ guitars per year and make these instruments available for purchase.

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I make several basic pick-ups and use a passive piezo in some of my of my guitars:



Many of my guitars are equipped with a passive piezo located under a hardtail bridge and activated by the push/pull knob on either tone or volume, depending on the specific guitar.  I use is a high output piezo that has plenty of power by itself and does not need a pre-amp (hence no battery), but is a little bit wild and uncontrollable. Over the years I have figured out how to make it work with magnetic pick-ups, the main issue being that the 2 circuits donít like each other, so they are forced together. What happens is the high end of the magnetic pups gets chopped and replaced by the piezo while the low end of the magnetic pups remains. This is good because the piezo by itself is thin and tinny- but there is no ability to blend the two. Blend pots donít work, the piezo is either in the circuit or out, and when it is in it dominates to give a very nice and true acoustic element to the sound. The volume works for both circuits at the same time, but you can change the magnetic pick-ups below the piezo with the selector switch to shape the sound some, and there are adjusting screws through the back of the guitar that will allow some fine tuning of the piezo voicing. Please note, as of 2015 the piezo is a $100 option with a hardtail bridges only it will not work with wraptail, TOM or tremolo bridges.

Remember, these are not acoustic instruments and I am not trying to make them sound like they are, but it is a convincing acoustic-like sound with a rich full bottom. It works better with guitars than with basses because basses donít have as much high end to offer, but it adds a nice lively string sound to basses.














Type1 Poly-Pole Humbucking system uses hand-wound single bobbins with 1 AlNico 5 magnet for each.

This is essentially a single mono-pick-up under each string that is linked in series to the adjacent mono-pick-up for each area, they are wax-potted and built into a wood cover and humbucking.


Type1 pick-up system is used exclusively in bass guitars as it is transparent yet reaches depths in tone that cannot be touched by typical bass pick-ups, it goes low with gusto passively- no pre-amps or batteries are necessary.





















Type2  HB and Type2  SC pick-ups use a hand-built, hand- scatter wound bobbin design (double bobbins for HBs) with  AlNico 5 magnets. All bobbins are wax-potted and can be built into wood covers to fit a standard humbucker opening for Type2 HBs and a Strat-style opening for the Type2 SC. Type2 are typically built with 43AWG or 42AWG wire and 3/8"  magnets and have an output range of 4.5k to 7.0k ohms for each single coil bobbin, or 8.0k to 14.0k for humbuckers. Type2 HB splits to a perfect "F" like single coil.


Type 2 SC pick-ups are characterized by a clear, sparkly and spanky  tone with a very rich low end and crisp highs, a true "F" sound:






Type 2 HB pick-ups are characterized by "F"like sparkle and "G"-like thickness, or a really fat and quiet "F" sound, very warm and not so mid-rangy or honky as a PAF. When split they become a true "F"-like single coil:




TYPE 2 sound clip by Nick Caiano - "For Lou"









Type3 SC - P-42 SC or p-43 SC are a take on the "P" design made to fit into a standard HB cover-  they have tremendous bite and creamy crunch... real rockers!

Type6 JM SC puts the "F" sound in a p-90 container, wonderful clean chime with less noise.




Type5 HB is  based on a Firebird style pup but full sized and not a mini-HB - it has more punch. Type5 HB has an even and full range, not too thin - not too boomy sound without the mid-range honk, it is very clear and clean- especially for a HB- splits to a single coil nicely but not as chimey / glassy as the Type2. When pushed at higher gain it sizzles nicely- the Johnny Winter sound.

Type5 SC is a hybrid single coil design of the Type5 using oversized blade magnets characterized by an even, clear and full range, it is bright and clean and sizzles when pushed.







Type9 HB  is a true pick-up that is 1/2 "F" style AlNico rod SC perfectly mated to 1/2 "G" style Alnico bar SC to make a true humbucker with the coil split ability to make a true "F" type single coil. The Type9 uses 42AWG or 43AWG wire on 2 hand wound and wax potted bobbins that are built to fit into a standard HB housing.


Type9 has a big and bold humbucker tone, more like a big fat "F" style than a typical airy PAF, and as a split coil it becomes a F-style single coil that sounds like it should, with all the sparkle and chime you might expect.



Type10 HB  is a hybrid pick-up that is 1/2 "F"style AlNico rod SC mated with a Firebird- style single coil (Type2SC +Type5SC) and it sonically falls between the Type2HB and Type9HB- full range and warm, less midrange than Type9 HB and splits to a perfect Fender single coil, and can fit nicely into a p-90 or HB sized wood cover.












Type12 SC is Ric-like single coil with the jangle and chang, it's got he karaang!